Black Harpies Baseball Club


The club BLACK HARPIES was founded in April 1990. He played for 6 years on a football pitch laid at the College of St. Mary of DREAM in the entity Bons Villers, which was not the installation ideal for our sport, but which nevertheless allowed us to start in acceptable conditions.

In 1990, the club had 15 players that have formed gradually over the training and friendly matches in one season.

It was in 1991 that the BLACK HARPIES started in the Belgian championship, 4th Division, where they finished in 7th place. This first championship year was a learning year for the management of a championship season is very different from that of a season friendlies.

1992 was the year Black Harpies. Indeed, just before the start of the championship, we received from our first round CATERPILLAR BELGIUM suits, which allowed us to still look more like a real baseball team.

That was only the beginning of the dream, because after a hard-fought championship, the last meeting of the season, which was played at home against the team WIELSBEKE was decisive: the winner would get the ticket for the 3rd national division . In a festive atmosphere, the BLACK HARPIES win the match and go up in division 3

In addition , last reward for his good management , the club was assigned the difficult task of organizing the final tournament of the challenge of LFBS , April 19, 1993. During this tournament , many media were at the rendezvous , and Mr. Georges DUQUET representing Mr. Van Cauwenberghe , Mayor of the City of Charleroi.

During this tournament , many spectators were able to see compete with the best teams of the French Community, namely NAMUR ANGELS CORK REBELS , Seraing BROWN BOYS and BRUSSELS EXPO .

The first annual tournament BLACK HARPIES was organized on 26 and 27 September 1992. The club then had 8 juniors, 6 juniors and 25 seniors. Four teams participated in various championships (seniors, juniors, reserves and even a women's team softball)

The 1993 season has unfortunately started with the dissolution by lack of staff, the women's team. The baseball club by cons, continues to grow: 39 players in 1992, he spent 48 in 1993, placing the BLACK HARPIES in 2nd place in the province of Hainaut to the number of members, and 6th place in the French league, which then has 26 teams. Players are divided as follows: 15 Cadets, 7 juniors and 26 seniors.

For its first participation in the third national division, the team finished in 6th place out of 10 teams entered, which was a good performance. Cadets, meanwhile, finished in 5th place on 6, in a series featuring clubs from the very experienced Antwerp region.

The second annual tournament of the club is organized on 10 and 11 April 1993. In August 1993, the club was invited to the day "open house" for CATERPILLAR factory and organized on this occasion a demonstration day to let visitors try to practice baseball.

Also in August 1993 that the club organizes, in collaboration with the plain of Fleurus games a holiday internship on baseball for children in the region.

1994 was a year without major changes, apart from the provision of the club, always by CATERPILLAR, a new game jerseys for the first team.

The team finished the championship in a very nice 4th place. Cadets take 3rd place in the challenge of the French league. The annual tournament is held on 30 April and 1 May 1994. The club has 42 members (5 small, 11 cadets, juniors and 20 seniors 6). At the end of the season, a good half of the players decide to leave the club.

1995 is a transitional year. For lack of manpower (3 minimal 3 juniors and 16 seniors), cadets and reserve teams withdrew from the championship. The first team goes down in the fourth division. The 1995, however, was also a year of renewal: the coach could be satisfied with his group, consisting of several newly initiated players and others directly from the team of cadets of the previous year. The fourth annual tournament is held on 29 and 30 April 1994.

1996 was a good year for BLACK HARPIES. The workforce is expanding again, especially among young people: there are 5 small, 9 juniors, 5 juniors and 15 seniors. The first team did wonders and finished the season in 2nd place. Cadets, with many new players finish in last place, but won 3 wins, which bodes well for the coming seasons. The fifth tournament is organized on 27 and 28 April 1996.

The great dream of BLACK HARPIES has finally completed at the end of 1996: play on a real course of baseball. Indeed, the City of CHARLEROI suggested we take the land located rue au Freelancing Croly, in front of the Dome of the Sports Park, where particular teams play Division 1 National Basketball of Charleroi SPIROUS and Gilly, which attract each occasion many fans.

The great dream of BLACK HARPIES has finally completed at the end of 1996: play on a real course of baseball. Indeed, the City of CHARLEROI suggested we take the land located rue au Freelancing Croly, in front of the Dome of the Sports Park, where particular teams play Division 1 National Basketball of Charleroi SPIROUS and Gilly, which attract each occasion many fans.

The future of the club is assured: the lease was signed for a period of 18 years, which proves the confidence shown by the City of CHARLEROI towards the club. These new facilities, and the dynamism of our leaders, enable the development of our sport in the region.

1997 has started with work aimed to transform the site into a real baseball field. With this new infrastructure and new location of it, the club has already registered a large number of new memberships, which will enable it to engage more teams in the various championships (minimal, cadets, seniors and soft- female ball).

The ground hosted its first friendlies. These games will serve as preparation for the new championship season, which runs from May to September.

The official opening of the land was held on 8 May 1997 in the presence of representatives of the City of CHARLEROI and the highest levels of the national baseball. The press, television and radio.

The first objective of the club was back in 3rd national division in 1997.

End of the 1997 season, this goal was reached, finishing second in the championship behind the Spartans of Deurne.

A year in which the field work continued ceaselessly, to show that this long awaited for many years was not a gift but a gift.

The younger team, to when she finished in a fine third place to the delight of their coach who had managed to reach the goal set at the beginning of the season.

1998 New season at the breasts of the third national division Belgian.
At the start of the championship, the club was pleased to welcome a new Soft Ball team and has seen the number of its members and adherent.

The aim of the club for this new team was first to gather a sufficient number of players to form this new team, something easily and quickly reached, given the demand.

The second objective was to provide them with equipment worthy of seniors and juniors, which was also achieved thanks to the good management of our treasurer.

The third objective was that this team make the whole of its championship matches, again, mission accomplished, to the delight of their coach.

For our cadets, their coach, had set them as "simple" goal to be at a better place than that of 1997.

That left more than second or first place.

Again the mission was accomplished by finishing behind cadets Namur Angels with a satisfactory 12 wins against 5 losses.

The senior team had set itself the objective to maintain the third division, while welcoming new players.

Again mission accomplished. Our team finished the championship in the middle of the standings with 6 wins 9 losses and 1 draw, while having expanded the nuclei of some players, allowing us to see what happens next season with more serenity and why not aim for the rise in two or three seasons.

The end of the year will see the return of fieldwork so that it remains the most beautiful of Wallonia but also looking for a gym to continue workouts during the winter.

1999 For the Seniors. New seasons in the third national division that has two series in mid - season we are third with 7 wins and 3 losses . League reform two hens according to the classification . We finished first in Pool B. In Finale champions we are beaten by Boorglon 14-09 after a tight match of 11 innings.

The Softball team expanded , they are 15 and they are improving the finish 3 rd in their championship series their coach is confident for the future.

The team Cadet Championship Ends in second with 11 wins and three defeats .At the challenge of the French league our cadets are ranked second in new positions.

2000 For the seniors. New seasons in the third national division that has two series in mid - season we are 2nd beaten by Merchtem Cats down to 2nd division then we participate in the series for the climb in 2nd division and we finished fourth after a great match against seraing ascend into 2nd with Merchtem Cats.

The Softball team improves They finish the championship in their 2 nd round their coach is confident for the future.

Our cadet team finished the championship in style they are Champion . They miss to be cutting LFBS challenge.

This year appears a little league in asides seen their large numbers, before the minor was training with the cadets.

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